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Our Story


My name is Alyssa Hasbrouck! As a former Division 1 student athlete turned coach, I have observed lacking pieces in athletes’ games.   Many athletes are heavy into their specific sport training and do not evenly allocate a sufficient amount of time to learning many aspects of their craft to enhance game performance.  My family and I decided to create Goal Standard Athletes.

Goal Standard Athletes educates youth athletes in three ways:
1. GS Recruiting
2. GS Boxes
3. GS Events
Whether you have aspirations to become a collegiate athlete or have other dreams, Goal Standard Athletes will connect you and your path to greatness in athletics and life.
Lessons learned in athletics translate to the real world and we will foster that connection with the high quality services and products offered by us! We are creating the ultimate one stop shop for youth athletes at a cost effective price!

My motivation to find a solution stems for my family's love of sports and how it completely shaped me into the person I am today.  I am a huge advocate for youth to participate and excel in athletics in turn to produce the future leaders of the world. My goals for GS Athletes are to reach as many student athletes as possible through my platform, to always strive to be the best version of themselves; to produce the most cost effective product that delivers services that historically can be a financial burdensome; and discover the untapped layers of student athletes’ games that they never knew existed.   #goalstandard 


Thank you,   

Alyssa Hasbrouck

CEO & Founder of Goal Standard Athletes